About Me

Updated as of November 10th, 2010.

Who am I? I have no clue. Some people would say that the best place to start is the day I was born. I disagree. My life officially began in the early 80's but my real life began September 2nd, 2010 and then the journey really takes off. There are a lot of facts about things that happened in my life but they don't define me. So the facts; I was traumatized as a child into adulthood from severe sexual, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my mother and other people. I've experienced SRA and child prostitution. I have family members that pursue me to be a part of those things even to this day. As a result of these experiences I have some issues, mainly with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and at times I fall back into an eating disorder. I've gone through depression and anxiety, suicide attempts and self harm. Yeah, been there and done all of that. However, those things aren't qualities or characteristics about me.

Who am I really? Well, I'm teachable, lovable, loving, creative, intelligent and sometimes pretty humorous. I am loyal and determined, I am stubborn and most of the time too introverted/self-sufficient. Those I guess are qualities and characteristics but what makes me tick? I love children and want very much to have my own and a career in which I work with them. I love to run, when I am at my worst feeling the wind hit my face and the muscles in my legs working the way they are supposed to is really grounding. I love music, listening to it and relating to it. I like to problem solve; sometimes to a fault. I think people are really interesting and I enjoy talking to them even when they are completely terrifying to me. Art is an outlet for me, I like to draw and paint. I enjoy being busy. I like to learn about stuff, random stuff. I don't love or trust easily, but when I do I mean it and it's kind of a big deal to me.

I am on the journey of learning who I am in Christ and I'm really enjoying it.