Sunday, August 29, 2010

While I am away...

These are the blogs I would recommend checking out and getting to know:

Don't Call Me Sybil- Holly reflects on her own experience of DID and chooses a different approach to blogging about it. Instead of detailing what makes her different she "want(s) people to know that those of us with DID, though our experiences and struggles are often unique, are just human beings with human frailties, human faults. I want people to see that the ways in which we are normal outnumber the ways in which we are not."

One Angry Daughter-A blogger reflects on her journey through coping with a narcissistic mother and her challenges to overcome her anger. Amazing!

Mind Parts-Paul does a lot on internal reflection, poses thoughtful questions and participates in the Expressive Arts Carnival. You won't leave without gaining something and feeling encouraged to dig a little deeper internally.

A Put Together Mess-Bravehearts writes about her challenges & triumphs in therapy to overcome her history of child abuse, her relationship with God and her new Husband. Check out her series on Eight Lies trauma survivors typically believe.

Migraine Chow-Meet Immi, a connected and insightful blogger with PTSD/manic depression. Immi doesn't tone it down and try to keep it clean, she tells it as it is and honestly, it's incredibly refreshing. She can prove that everything's not lost and something comes out of all of this.

Hope for Trauma-A must read...the quote at the top of her site reads: "Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. -Howard Zinn". Those words are exactly what is going on at her blog.

MoreHeads- A courageous woman healing and coping with life and DID. Although a new discovery for me I really enjoy what I have read so far. Welcome to the blogging community!!

That's it for the moment...2nd installment to follow.


Paul from Mind Parts said...

Tempy. Thanks for the nod. And good luck with Mercy!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words :) Good luck at Mercy!

Amanda said...

Missing you Tempy. Hope all is well.